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10 Signs Someone Has a God Complex


 Number 10: They’re full of egotism.

According to clinical social worker De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson, the biggest indicator of a god complex in a person is when they’re full of egotism. People with a god complex think very highly of themselves and have little or no regard for others. They believe they’re the smartest person in the group and only they know the best. No one is capable of arguing with them. These people think that they can do whatever they want and that they’re always justified in their actions. The feelings of other people aren’t on their radar. They don’t care what you think.

According to Blaylock-Johnson, it’s referred to as a god complex because it’s this idea that “I am authority”. Multiple failures and insecurities might be the root cause of a god complex. For example, if a person tries to achieve a specific goal and doesn’t succeed, they might handle the stress of failure by pretending to be above it. This behavior eventually leads to a superiority complex.

Number 9: They always interrupt you.

Everyone wants to be heard and this is a lesson that someone with a god complex doesn’t get. People with a god complex can’t just sit quietly and listen to others. They’re chronic interrupters who have no idea they’re even doing it. No matter what you’re talking about, they don’t even blink before they interrupt you.

Research published in the Journal of Pragmatics suggests three types of interruptions: power interruptions, rapport interruptions, and neutral interruptions. In power interruptions, the interrupter interrupts to control the conversation, exactly like a person with a god complex might. They shift the whole conversation back onto themselves just to appear superior to the audience.

People with a god complex believe they’re incapable of making mistakes so they’re the only ones whom everyone should listen to. This might hurt your self-esteem, but unfortunately, they don’t have any interest in your feelings.

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