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10 Signs Someone Has a God Complex


Have you ever met someone who acts like a god among humans? Someone who considers themselves perfect? Such people are often described as having a god complex, otherwise known as a superiority complex. In fact, in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the lead character Hamlet is believed to have somewhat of a god complex. A god complex is a delusional image of oneself driven by a hunger for power, a desire to manipulate everyone, and a strong sense of narcissism.

People with a god complex are energy vampires that drain your emotional energy. Despite all the similarities to narcissistic personality disorder, a god complex is just a personality flaw that’s not classified as a diagnosable disorder.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to spot someone who has a god complex by recognizing these 10 significant signs that we’ll be exploring in this topic. Make sure to read until number 2, because it’s one of the most interesting signs we’ve ever seen!

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