Narcissism 101

10 Signs That You Are Dealing with a Female Narcissist


 Number 1: A female narcissist is more concerned with her appearance than yours.

 A female narcissist is more interested in her appearance than yours. She’s more concerned with maintaining a certain look than you, she doesn’t care about how you look; she only cares about how hot she looks next to you. She’ll spend hours getting ready for a night out. But when it comes to you, she’ll dress up for herself, not for anyone else.

A female narcissist probably won’t notice if your hair is messy or your clothes don’t match upright. She’s too busy thinking about how well she looks compared to everyone else at the party. This means that while she thinks she’s being nice by complementing your outfit or lack thereof, she’ll also try to change how you dress or style yourself to feel better.

 Number 2: A female narcissist will say whatever it takes to get what she wants.

 A female narcissist will say whatever it takes to get what she wants. She’s charming, manipulative, and can be very persuasive. She’ll make you feel like you’re the most critical person when you need something; that’s how female narcissists get what she wants. She might say she wants to go out with you, but when the day comes, she’ll find an excuse not to. She’ll get angry at you for asking her to do something simple and small like grocery shopping or cooking dinner.

But here’s the thing, she doesn’t want to do those things, she doesn’t care about your needs or your happiness. She only cares about herself, and if she says something that makes it seem like she does care about you, well that’s probably another way of getting what she wants from you.

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