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10 Things Narcissists Do During Silent Treatment


The silent treatment is one of the most manipulative and emotionally abusive things narcissists can do. It’s also, one of the most common forms of abuse and can make you feel confused, desperate, and isolated. It’s also one of the hardest to get over because it doesn’t give you any real information about what you did wrong or how to fix things.

Here are 10 things that narcissists do during their silent treatment.

Number 1: Narcissists will refuse to answer your texts and calls.

This is the most obvious sign that you’re getting the silent treatment. If narcissists are not responding to your texts and calls, you’re probably not responding to any other form of communication. The silent treatment is a way for them to assert their power over you and remind you that they are in control.

They might even make a point of ignoring you for days on end. They will not answer your texts or calls, but we’ll read them and see who called them. They will pretend they don’t know what happened between you, but they do.

And they are just waiting for you to come crawling back on your knees. Begging them to take you back because they know it will eventually happen.

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