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10 Things Super Empaths Do That Makes Narcissists Lose Their Minds


People are naturally emotional beings; each has a different level of fitting in depending on their personality and upbringing. For instance, both empaths and narcissists are highly sensitive, but the only difference is narcissists are egocentric.

Empaths on the other hand are sensitive to the world around them. When a narcissist meets a super empath, that’s when the real world will turn upside down. Narcs will weaken and start losing their minds when a super empath does these 10 things to them.

Here is a countdown of 10 things a super empath does that makes narcissists lose their minds:

Number 10: When super empaths walk away.

Quitting doesn’t always mean you have to become a loser in the end. To a super empath, leaving sometimes means reversing the situation, and letting a narcissist feel they’re not interesting. When a super empath makes a complete detachment and disinterest like no attention, no energy, no care, no concern, nothing at all; the narcissist will be shaken considerably and will think they have no control of everything.

There will be no room for narcissistic supply. Super empaths equal “the real deal!” What does this mean? With the right time and situation, a super empath can be mightier than a narcissist. This also means that the super empath should know “how to attack”, “when to attack”, and “cover up their blind spot”.

Number 9: When the super empath starts neglecting narcissists.

When a super empath cuts the narcissist motive, the narc becomes bothered and troubled. Imagine this, if you naturally do not give them any attention similarly not answering their phone calls, not responding to their text, not replying to their emails any of that. What will happen to the narcissist? They become disturbed; the narcissist feels futility and is no damn good at manipulating people.

Because you are a super empath you don’t make things complicated and make actions straightforward. Thus hurting a narcissist’s ego, they will feel inadequate and powerless over you, as the famous philosopher and theologian ibn Hazim said: “Perhaps one hour of neglect may destroy a year’s worth of pious effort”.

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Number 8: When a super empath sees through the narcissist.

A super empath can see through a narcissist how? Super empaths have hypersensitivity and high intuition. Seeing narcissists for who they are will be the wake-up call to make the super empath realize that he is more than capable of destroying their plans.

Narcissists are deceitful and manipulative in nature, but super empaths know what steps to take, they are 5 or even 10 moves ahead to surely punish the narcissist’s evil plans. Super empaths will ready their swords and bombs when things go wrong and will be at war when a pathetic narcissist strikes.

Number 7: Being savagely honest.

Nothing gives more relief than honesty, narcissists are typical liars; they always blame their victims and play the hero. But in reality, they are pretentious and insensitive. They have high regard for themselves, but they gaslight and easily put the blame on others. But when the super empath hit them right between the eyes with the cold hard truth boom, ego and lies slap back.

Exposing the truth is one of their weaknesses, when a super empath spills the truth right in front of their faces, even if they badly don’t want to disclose any single fact of their real identity. If that happens, a narcissist will go furious. Narcissist slowly becomes powerless and is stripped away of their individuality.

Number 6: When super empaths don’t take them seriously.

If you are a super empath, you have to be unpredictable. One of your tactics includes not being serious about their bits and pieces. One of your goals is to erode the narcissist support base, which means isolating them from those who give support protection and narcissistic supply.

You’ve got to play a good role in their drama, and be the protagonist. To do this, you have to make the narcissist see that there is nothing special about them. This is part of the game in which you play impervious of their attacks.

As narcissistic as they are, they become annoyed and bothered when someone doesn’t take them seriously, since they’re used to being treated with respect and attention.

Number 5: When super empaths treat them with contempt and disrespect.

Narcissist is used to being admired and being on top of their heads, they become more vital when they feel constant support and respect from their circle. They are drawn by power and popularity.

When super empaths give narcissists a taste of their own medicine and basically show them disrespect, It will shake the narcissist’s core. The narcissist will start to feel an imbalance in their ego. This is where their world will begin to flip.

Number 4: When super empaths ignore narcissist feelings or experiences.

A nightmare to a person is the invalidation of one’s emotions. To a narcissist, it’s okay to take no notice of someone’s feelings. But it will be another story and dilemma when this is done to them. Narcissists are great impersonators by nature; they wear a variety of masks when facing people and act as if they genuinely care.

They let you feel they understand and care for you, but in reality, they’re just playing to manipulate you. If you are a super empath, you have a crucial role in a narcissist’s life. You have to invalidate their sentiments and experiences. You are letting them feel that people are not for them to control and manipulate.

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Number 3: When super empaths place narcissists on the spot.

When a narcissist didn’t see it coming their way, they become vulnerable. Putting them on the spot in front of others, and exposing their lies, exaggerations, incompetence, or where they have fallen short will make them immobile. Unveiling their motives can be their weakness.

They are indeed terrified of the truth, mainly if it’s about their identity. Because of the super empaths enhanced intuition and instincts, they can expose the narcissist’s true form. Super empaths can reverse the situation thus putting the narcissist in the hot spot narcissists will have no time to react to this

Number 2: When super empaths show that they don’t care.

When you care less or not at all, you feel less affected. Just like narcissists, they’re certainly good at pretending that they are into you. But in reality, they don’t really care about your well-being. They only think of you as a narcissistic supply.

Be not bait to a narcissist, they play good games and you need to be better to win while narcissists are busy fabricating tactics, controlling dramas, and spreading toxic gossip and conflicts, super empaths just sit in a corner and ignore their measures. Super empath’s goal is not to care about anything involving the narcissist.

If you are dealing with a narcissist always remember, there is power in silence and not caring. Be completely unaffected and unbothered in any way. Be composed and believe in yourself that you’ve done nothing wrong. You need to exhibit a good happy and thriving life to an overblown narcissist. Ignoring the narcissist and focusing on good things in your life will break their mentality.

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Number 1: Declining to engage or fight back.

There are times when you have to fight back and there are times when you refuse. The super empath understands this pretty much. Narcissists are lovers of intensity, chaos, drama, and a target. They like watching their target engage and show vulnerability.

And they revel in criticisms and verbal attacks; they want complete control of everything and are selfish. When you fight back, they become more dominant and vigorous in attacking you. But when you do it the other way around, they repel and become inactive in their next move.

Super empath knows when to engage and disengage. When it’s time to refuse to fight, the narcissist loses the motive to do so; pro tip for you this engaging is your power tool to disembark negative energy from them.

Narcissists are naturally good at manipulating and abusing people. It takes a super empath to destroy a narcissist. When you are a super empath, you must be aware of these 10 things to distract your enemy from distracting you.

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