Narcissism 101

10 Things That Make Narcissists Afraid Of You


Number 2. Have a very high opinion of yourself.

If a narcissist finds out you have any self-respect they will go crazy. They fear you because you hold yourself in high regard. They have low self-esteem and will go to great lengths to impress those around them. When you respect yourself, you can focus on what you truly want. You are deaf to the voices of doubt; you can’t let people pick on you without fighting back. You’re totally at liberty. What should they hate because they don’t have it? They are insecure and angry about themselves, so they try to make you feel bad about yourself.

Number 3. You have no problem speaking out for what you think is right.

The narcissist looks up to you because they know you will always fight for what you think is right. Narcissists have an innate ability to demand attention, and it isn’t appreciated if you try to steal it away from them. If they can always count on you to expose their lies and deceit, they may lose part of their power and influence. When confronted, narcissists go on the defensive.

It sometimes comes as a surprise to narcissists when they are challenged because they are used to always being right. It’s possible someone is trying to trick you into giving in. Don’t give up, keep going. They will become even more enraged after they understand they can do nothing to alter the situation.

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