Narcissism 101

10 Things That Make Narcissists Afraid Of You


Narcissists are always going to be afraid of you no matter what you do, they’re afraid of you because of the danger you offer to them. They worry and are scared of who you might develop into. They live in continual fear of rejection, they will have to face the consequences of their actions once the reality of who they are, and what they did to them sets in. We’ll list the top 10 reasons why narcissists are afraid of you. 

Number 1. Accept that you are who you are since there is no changing it.

The narcissist fears you because of who you are. You have an independent sense of yourself from the people in your life. Just be yourself and stop caring what other people think. This makes them anxious because it seems you are no longer susceptible to their manipulation. Reduce the Para narcissists have over you when they try. It always ends badly for fear of being evaluated negatively.

The narcissist shies away from being honest if the North really wants to govern the world; they should stop hiding the facts from everyone. People like you are scared of con artists since you don’t easily fall for their tricks. They are well aware that you can see through their pretense. They can’t get rid of you before this happens unless they can convince you to doubt yourself or feel guilty about something that isn’t your fault.

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