Narcissism 101

10 Things that Narcissists Value the Most in Their Supply


The Narcissist Supply is the person who provides him with all the things he needs, like attention and admiration. Narcissists can indeed get these things from other people. Still, the supply is special because they are the ones who provide it regularly. Here are 10 things that narcissists value the most in their supply.

Number 1: Fame.

Narcissists value Fame above all else, they love the attention and the fact that everyone is looking at them. They will steal their supply’s identity and use them to make themselves look better. They’ll lie about their accomplishments and take credit for other people’s achievements.

Narcissists want to be famous and need people around them to help them achieve that goal, so they’ll seek out the most famous people in their social circles. These can be people with high status, a lot of influence, and people who can help them get on the radar of other important people in their lives. They also value Fame because it brings them power, it allows them to manipulate others into doing what they want or thinking whatever they want them to think about themselves.

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