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10 Things that Narcissists Value the Most in their Supply


The Narcissist Supply is the person who provides him with all the things he needs, like attention and admiration. Narcissists can indeed get these things from other people. Still, the supply is special because they are the ones who provide it regularly. Here are 10 things that narcissists value the most in their supply.

Number 1: Fame.

Narcissists value Fame above all else, they love the attention and the fact that everyone is looking at them. They will steal their supply’s identity and use them to make themselves look better. They’ll lie about their accomplishments and take credit for other people’s achievements.

Narcissists want to be famous and need people around them to help them achieve that goal, so they’ll seek out the most famous people in their social circles. These can be people with high status, a lot of influence, and people who can help them get on the radar of other important people in their lives. They also value Fame because it brings them power, it allows them to manipulate others into doing what they want or thinking whatever they want them to think about themselves.

Number 2: Money.

Narcissists value money most because they are always in need of more of it. They value money because it gives them power over others, and makes them feel important. It’s what they use to buy whatever they need to get what they want from others.

Money is also a way to show off their success in life. Money is off often the primary way narcissists try to control people because they have a deep-seated fear of being unable to provide for themselves or their loved ones. They may be driven to make money, or simply expect it from others. Suppose you’re in a relationship with a narcissist. In that case, you need to understand that they see money as a sign of success and power.

Number 3: Image and appearance.

Regarding what narcissists value most in their supply image and appearance are at the top of the list. They love to show off their supply, whether a new partner or a family member. For example, suppose a narcissist is trying to prove that they have a fantastic relationship with their children. In that case, they will often post pictures on social media, showing them having fun together and being happy.

Narcissists want their suppliers to be a reflection of their idealized self; they will try to portray them as the ideal partner who can satisfy the narcissist’s need for admiration and attention. This means that narcissists will try to make you look your best, from how you dress to how well you maintain yourself.

They want you to appear as beautiful and perfect as possible because it improves their self-esteem, and makes them feel more secure in the relationship. They will be critical of any flaws in your appearance, especially if they are visible to others.

Number 4: Success.

Narcissists want to see themselves as successful and those around them as successful. Success is important to narcissists in the most superficial way possible. It allows them to demonstrate their superiority over others. They enjoy being around people who were respected or admired by others.

For narcissists to believe they are successful, their supply must also be successful. Suppose you’re not achieving your goals in doing well in life. In that case, a narcissist may feel insecure and inadequate, which makes them uncomfortable. Narcissists frequently attempt to undermine the success of their supply to keep them from becoming too self-sufficient.

Number 5: Status.

Narcissists are selective about who they use as their supply, should be physically attractive, intelligent, and has a decent job that pays well. They want someone to help them boost their self-esteem and make them feel special. Status is important to narcissists, but not just any kind of status. They require people who can boost their ego, by recognizing their accomplishments or beauty.

Narcissists admire people with high status because they want to emulate or use them to achieve their goals. Status is everything to them; meaning they will be impressed and want to keep you around if you can demonstrate your power or authority.

Number 6: Control.

One of the most important things a narcissist will look for in a supply is control. This is because they want to feel powerful over you, and to be able to manipulate you into giving them what they want. They also want to be able to make decisions for you, so they don’t have to work as hard to persuade you.

They want to be able to tell you what to do while pretending it was your idea all along; narcissists dislike it when others make their own decisions. Instead, they prefer that others follow their lead, narcissists need to feel in control of their supplies lives, and they will go to any length to maintain that feeling.

Narcissists frequently use emotional abuse to gain control over the people in their lives, they may also attempt to control your emotions, and feelings by playing games with you, or complimenting you when they require something from you.

Number 7: Power.

Power is everything to a narcissist, and they’ll go to any length to obtain and keep it. They place a high value on power; a narcissist is a sense of self-worth and identity is frequently linked to their power over others. Narcissists May believe they need to exert control over others to feel valuable.

They always seek ways to gain power over others and feel superior to them. The more powerful a narcissist believes he or she is the more convinced he or she is of his or her superiority and perfection. Power is vital to narcissists because it gives them a sense of security and self-worth. They believe that if they have power over another person, that person will be unable to harm or humiliate them.

Number 8: Influence.

Influence in their supply is vital to narcissists because it makes them feel powerful, money and other material goods are highly motivating for narcissists. Still, they also value the attention and admiration of being influential. Suppose you can convince a narcissist that they have significant power over you. In that case, they will most likely become attached to you.

They want to dominate, and they require Supply to do so. They want to be interred and expect you to follow their orders. Narcissists are unconcerned about your needs or whether you are satisfied with the decisions they make for you; they simply want to be able to control you and force you to do their will so that they can feel accomplished.

Number 9: Attention.

Attention is the most important thing to a narcissist; they yearn for it, crave for it, and want to be at the center of it. They require constant attention from their suppliers to feel good about themselves because they do not value themselves or their own merits. Instead, they require external validation from other people to feel good about who they are as individuals, this need for attention stems from an underlying sense of low self-esteem, usually resulting from childhood trauma such as abuse or neglect.

Narcissists thrive on attention and require it to survive; they seek out people who will lavish them with praise and admiration. This can manifest in various ways, they may be excellent at reading people’s body language, or they may simply be adept at making people feel heard and understood.

Number 10: Support.

Narcissists are frequently lonely people who want to feel as if they have someone by their side who care about them, and what they have to say. They place a high value on their supply’s ability to support them. This can take many forms: including emotional, financial, and even moral assistance. Narcissists always look for someone to back them up in their endeavors, so they can feel cared for.

They want someone to listen to them and tell them how wonderful they are, and when they need assistance with something. And also they want you to be their cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and biggest fan. They value their supply for two reasons:

First, they’re required to feel good about themselves, and narcissists must believe that they are the best and that their opinions matter; they can’t get this in real life, so they look for people who will.

Second, they use their supply to manipulate them into doing things they want or need to do, narcissists expect you to do something for them in exchange for nothing; they are not interested in a relationship that benefits both parties. Supply is also crucial to narcissists because it allows them to feel controlled.

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