Narcissism 101

10 Tips to Make the Narcissist Respect You


Are you tired of being disrespected by a narcissist?

Are you losing your self-esteem because the narcissist doesn’t respect you?

Before you try to make a narcissist respect you, it’s important to understand why they don’t respect you in the first place. If you are dealing with a malignant narcissist, they may use disrespect to control you. For example, if a malignant narcissist wants to dominate you, they will realize that they can’t control you when you are self-assured and confident in yourself.

Therefore, they may try to destroy your self-esteem and make you feel worthless. As you might have guessed already, disrespecting you is one of the strategies they may use to ruin your self-confidence.

Narcissists are difficult to deal with because they don’t respect anyone else’s opinions or feelings. They are incredibly stubborn and hard to please. It takes a lot of energy and effort to get them on your side, but once you do, they’ll eventually treat you better and respect you.

Here are 10 tips to make the narcissist respect you:

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