Narcissism 101

10 Weird Habits That Make Covert Narcissists So Dangerous To Be With


Number 1: Covert narcissists often mimic the actions of others.

To impress individuals they look up to; covered narcissists often act in ways that mirror those they adore. To get their point across, covered narcissists will often adopt the Persona of the person they’re conversing with.

They may start mimicking your every move, right down to using the same words or phrasing. The more time a covered narcissist spends with others, the more likely it is that they will begin to mimic others around them. This is due to their ongoing need to feel appreciated by others.

They seek affirmation from others, but are more comfortable with indirect praise, such as modeling the behavior of others. One further area where covert narcissists fall short is the ability to come up with new ideas and points of view. Therefore, they frequently mimic what other people do and say.

Number 2: They are quickly bored.

They go through spurts where they try different things to spice up their routine. They’ll soon move on to other interests and discard those they’ve had in the past. Narcissists may try out new hobbies like Marathon running, meditation, or poetry writing, only to abandon them when the novelty wears off.

They have trouble sitting still and always seek fresh attention and praise. This behavior pattern may even seep into their spiritual and friendly interactions. Covert narcissists frequently cycle among lovers, abandoning each one when the going becomes dull.

They may arrive late to social Gatherings or depart early since they can’t handle being around others for lengthy periods. Because of this, they may resort to dominating and manipulative behavior toward others they know.

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