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10 Weird Habits That Make Covert Narcissists So Dangerous To Be With


Covert narcissists are individuals who possess a deep-seated need for admiration and validation, yet outwardly present themselves as humble and unassuming. They are experts at masking their true emotions, ideas, and motivations to acquire what they desire.

They have a strong need for admiration and validation; they may constantly seek out compliments and praise and become visibly upset if they do not receive it. And they tend to be emotionally detached and unresponsive to the needs and feelings of others, they may seem indifferent to the concerns and problems of those around them.

Covert narcissists tend to be highly critical and judgmental of others. They may constantly find fault with others and have an air of superiority. Not to mention, they also have a huge tendency to be manipulative and controlling.

However, they may use subtle tactics such as gaslighting, guilt-tripping, or emotional manipulation to get what they want. If you are working with or interacting with a covered narcissist, it is crucial to be aware of their peculiar tendencies to avoid falling prey to their manipulation. So, how can you tell whether someone is a secret narcissist?

Here are 10 peculiar quirks that are commonly associated with covered narcissism.

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