20 Signs You Were Born to Be a Loner | the Lone Wolf

20 Signs You Were Born to Be a Loner | the Lone Wolf

The terms extrovert and introvert are often tossed around when people describe themselves. People who are more extroverted are described as those who enjoy spending time around lots of people, and they prefer being around others to being alone. On the other hand, introverts tend to thrive when they are alone, and large gatherings can stress them out. Have you ever wondered whether you are more of a loner than a people person? Remember, having a loner personality isn’t a bad thing. It is simply a personality trait, and it is a personality trait that many people share

! In this article, we will be listing 20 signs you were born to be a loner. Be sure to make it to the end of our list to discover if you are a loner or not. Let’s jump into it!

Number 1: You don’t mind spending time alone.

 Possibly the most tell-tale sign that someone is a lone wolf is that they enjoy spending time by themselves. After all, that is pretty much the definition of what a loner is. If you prefer spending time alone to going out for a night on the town, then there is a good chance that you may be a bit of a loner.

 Number 2: You like having just a few, close friends.

 Being a loner often means that you would rather have just a few really good friends than a bunch of acquaintances. This is partly because loners tend to spend more one-on-one time with a friend than attending a large get-together with a bunch of friends that they do not know that well. Additionally, it can sometimes be draining for people with a loner personality to meet new people.

 Number 3: Large gatherings are exhausting.

 Another one of the most common signs of a loner is that large gatherings are exhausting to them. Loners are typically the ones that are looking to make an early and quiet escape from a party or family event, especially if there are a lot of people there that they do not know well. You can also spot a loner at a party pretty easily because they usually seem pretty uncomfortable.

 Number 4: You don’t mind going out to do things alone.

 Even though loners do not like parties and large gatherings, they definitely do not mind going out and doing things alone. This even includes activities that some people may feel self-conscious about doing by themselves, such as going out to a restaurant or going to the movies. Doing these kinds of things alone is just so much more peaceful for loners.

 Number 5: You prefer online dating to go out to meet people.

When looking at the psychology of loners you will realize pretty quickly that meeting new people can sometimes be stressful for them. Unfortunately, this also includes meeting potential partners, especially if it includes going out to crowded bars or coffee shops. If you much prefer online dating to going out and meet people in person, then this could be a sign that you’re a loner.

 Number 6: Dating can be stressful for you.

 Unfortunately, sometimes the stress of dating loners doesn’t end when they meet someone new. Going on first, second, and even third dates can be a pretty stressful time for loners. A lot of the time they will really need to get to know a person before they truly become comfortable.

 Number 7: You hate group projects.

 If you have ever said, “group projects are the worst,” then this may just be one of the signs you are a loner. Working with new classmates or coworkers and having it affect your grade or work performance is pretty stressful for those with the personality traits of a loner. This is especially true if the people in the group are strangers to the loner.

 Number 8: You actually enjoy working from home.

 Many loners actually rejoiced when many jobs switched to remote working, and they found it to be one of the only good things from a bad situation. This is because they no longer have to engage in small talk, in-person meetings, or interact with people that they don’t know. Loners do not only enjoy working from home, but they thrive on it.

 Number 9: You prefer going home after work to going out with coworkers or friends.

 Many people will offer to go out for food and drinks with their coworkers after work. Well, you shouldn’t expect loners to do this or even accept the invitation. This is because loners much prefer a night in alone to a night out with a bunch of coworkers. Sometimes a loner may accept your invitation to an after-work happy hour because they feel an obligation to do so or are just being nice. However, after doing this a loner will usually leave the get-together before anyone else does.

 Number 10: You tend to avoid large crowds.

 Many loners can start to feel stressed out when they encounter large crowds of people. For many, this is a part of the reason why they avoid parties and clubs. However, this can also be extended to places like stores, gyms, and coffee shops when they are busy. Many loners schedule their time so that they only go to these places when they tend to be less busy.

Number 11: It feels like you spend more time with your pets than with your friends sometimes.

 Many loners will actually have at least one pet that keeps them company when they are alone at home. Many loners love animals because they are much less complex than people, and they provide them with a company without stressing them out. Oftentimes loners tend to enjoy spending time with their pets rather than meeting new people. As a result, many loners may feel as if they spend more time with animals than they do with people.

 Number 12: You enjoy having the time to self-reflect.

 Loners are often very reflective, and it is not uncommon to find a loner that enjoys doing things like meditation and journaling. Alone time and self-reflection are also good for getting the creative juices flowing, and many loners happen to be talented writers, musicians, and artists. Many loners truly thrive when they have alone time to self-reflect and express themselves through their creativity.

Number 13: Small talk stresses you out.

 Small talk is often the bane of the loner’s existence, and most of the time loners will avoid small talk whenever possible. They do this by avoiding situations where small talk may occur and doing things to make people think that they are too busy to talk to anyone. Some loners may encounter extreme stress when encountering small talk, and others may just find it a bit annoying.

 Number 14: You put earbuds in just so people will not talk to you.

 One of the most common ways that loners will avoid unwanted small talk and interaction is by putting their headphones on. This is because most people will not approach a person that has headphones on unless they really know that person. Plus, this way you can avoid strangers while also listening to your favorite music or a nice podcast or audiobook.

 Number 15: You are the type to travel alone.

 The prospect of traveling alone can be stressful or even frightening to many people. However, loners are not only up to the challenge of traveling alone, they actually sometimes prefer it! Many loners find traveling by themselves to be an overall more reflective, calming, and enjoyable experience.

 Number 16: People describe you as a wallflower.

 Many people describe their loner friend or family member as being a wallflower. This is because many loners will stick to the edge of the room in crowded spaces and while at parties or group functions. There are many reasons why loners do this, but most of the time it is simply a way to avoid small talk. Similarly, many loners also find observing a room and listening to other people’s conversations to be more enjoyable than actually engaging with them.

 Number 17: You have anxiety about answering phone calls.

Phone anxiety is unfortunately a very real problem for many loners, and this can make answering the phone very uncomfortable for them. This is especially true if the phone call is unexpected or if it is from somebody that the loner doesn’t know. So, if you have a friend or family member that is a bit of a loner, it is always best to test them before you make that phone call.

Number 18: You prefer texting people to making phone calls.

 As a result of their phone anxiety, many loners actually prefer texting people to calling them. Texting is not only easier for most loners, but it is also a more stress-free experience for them on average. Therefore, texting a loner instead of calling them is usually much more considerate in their mind whenever it is possible.

 Number 19: You don’t mind when someone cancels your plans.

 The cancellation of plans can be pretty annoying for people who enjoy going out and doing things with their friends on a regular basis. However, loners will not be upset if you cancel plans with them, even if it is last minute. In fact, many loners will be overjoyed to hear that they will have a chance to have a relaxing night rather than going out with others.

 Number 20: You sometimes feel like it is difficult to connect with new people.  Sometimes loners can feel.

that it is difficult for them to connect with new people. This can sometimes make things like making new friends and dating a new person a bit stressful for loners. This can sometimes include just minor stress or inconvenience or be more serious and develop into social anxiety. Whatever your level of stress may be when meeting new people, you may just be a loner.

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