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3 Reasons Why The Narcissist Disappears


Some Narcissists tend to go quiet or disappear altogether. Although it is not forever those on the receiving end can end up worrying or stressing themselves out. So, if you have been on the receiving end of a Narcissist ghosting you or temporarily abandoning you only to show up again as if nothing was the matter, today’s topic will be looking at the top 3 reasons why the Narcissist disappears.

A lot of it is influenced by what type of relationship you have with the Narcissist, so one of the reasons may be more fitting for a romantic relationship. In contrast, another would better fit a friendship or parent–child relationship, etc. So, let’s get into 3 reasons why Narcissist Disappears.

Reason number 1: They are unable to manipulate and control you.

Meaning that you are either on to them, you openly challenge or criticize them or their lies and manipulations are not having the desired effect. You are not giving them the responses or reactions that they want. And when a Narcissist cannot have their way with you, they would prefer to step away from that relationship.

Because it is not good for their fragile ego to put up with someone who they cannot manipulate or control, or for someone who they think is making life difficult for them. In the mind of the Narcissist, others should exist to serve them and entertain them not challenge them or upset them. So, the Narcissist will be looking for an escape.

They need that person or those groups of people who would tell the Narcissist want they want to hear and above all be the type of people who they can manipulate and control. This time away surrounded by others who feed into their delusions allows them the opportunity they need to convince themselves that they are not the issue but you.

You are the difficult or problematic one who needs to lighten up. Control is everything to the Narcissist so they cannot endure for lengthy periods someone who is not under their control. And it will only be a matter of time before they disappear for good or discard the person who is limiting their control.

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Reason number 2: They are being unfaithful.

Narcissists in romantic relationships are never faithful whether physically or emotionally they will cheat. So, having additional relationships is expected. Therefore, the Narcissist is likely to disappear when they have a new secret supply or have even reconnected with an old supply.

In their minds, it is easier just to disappear to allow them the time to spend with this person and then show up again like nothing is the matter. The Narcissist would even create drama and use it as an excuse to go away for a while.

But also, these different relationships can lead to the Narcissist living multiple lives where they have a wife here, a girlfriend there, a child here, etc. Things can get really messy so a Narcissist in this situation must learn to juggle these different relationships without getting found out.

They may rely on the excuse of having to work as to why they have to be a way or a family member that they need to visit. Whatever excuse they use when they are gone it will be difficult to communicate with them. The Narcissist will either block you while they are away or only respond by text messages sporadically.

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Reason number 3: For their sadistic pleasure.

And it’s a bit two-fold because they are doing it to punish you but also so that you can chase them. Narcissists like the idea of people fretting over them or worrying about them. So, they would disappear, block you, or go completely AWOL hoping that they are hurting you in the process.

This happens when a Narcissist thinks they are relevant or extremely important to someone. They would go silent, ignore or completely disappear from that person just to make them suffer. And their egos are stroked even further when that person chases after them.

It all makes them feel desired and powerful so the Narcissist would do it, just to feed their ego with the bonus of knowing that they are making you suffer. This is why you cannot be dependent on a Narcissist. They will abuse that position and power.

But those are 3 of the reasons why a Narcissist would disappear. They are all very selfish and it is clear that the Narcissist is only thinking about themselves. They do not care if you miss them or if they hurt you and make you worry. Narcissists want us to be heavily invested in them only so that they can hurt us more. That is why we always say disconnect and start with your emotions and then the Narcissist will not be able to hurt you.

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