Narcissism 101

4 Ways To Manipulate a Narcissist and Shut Them Down


You are doomed and guaranteed to fail if you think you can win against a narcissist by being direct, amicable, cooperative, understanding, and compassionate. In situations where you cannot have any contact, such as co-parenting or during a divorce, these people will only weaponize these traits against you. They know how not to be everything your nature tells you to be. It would help if you had a strategy to defeat them at their own game, to fight back, and, as they say, to manipulate the manipulator. How do you do all of this? What strategies am I talking about? Let’s find out in today’s topic.

So, today’s article is about uncovering and learning different tactics to defeat a narcissist in their own game and fight back strategically.

Step 1: Try to stay two steps ahead of them, not just one.

If you want to corner the beast or fight with a narcissist, it is like a big chess game. Before you make any moves, you have to predict what moves they will make. That is step one, and then you have to have your moves ready to counter their moves. This is how you can properly corner them. They follow very predictable behavioral patterns. They get really angry, they become reactive, and they lie. In any given situation, you can almost tell, if not exactly, what they are going to do. You have to use your knowledge and awareness of who they are against them so that you can make them make moves without knowing that you are doing it.

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