Narcissism 101

5 Tell Tale Signs Of Narcissistic Collapse


There comes a point of collapsing a narcissist’s life when all the avenues of supply generation fail them. When their delusions of grandeur are conflicted by the reality of their weaknesses they become a scared little mouse corner trying to grab onto something for survival and prevent the total disintegration of their false self.

In today’s topic, we are going to talk about something very interesting. We’re going to talk about five telltale signs of narcissistic collapse:

Number 1: Complete withdrawal.

Withdrawal by nature, a narcissist is other-focused, meaning they have to have someone in their life that keeps them distracted away from their failed true self. But when everyone leaves, especially in their old age, when they are left on their own, they have no option other than sitting with their suppressed and rotten trauma that comes up to the surface. And when that happens, it shatters their narcissistic defenses and catatonically depresses them. That leads to a loss of interest in everything, which becomes withdrawal leading to further irreversible collapse or self-awareness in very few cases.

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