Narcissism 101

5 Weird S**exua**l Habits of a Narcissist


Having a s*e*x*u*a*l experience with a narcissist is no less than sleeping with the Devil Himself. It leaves you questioning your attractiveness and self-worth. You’re left feeling like an object, confused about what just happened to you. They do not give you closure, and they make it all about themselves. Why is it so painful? Because of all their weird s*e­*x*u*a*l behaviors and habits, which is what we are going to talk about in today’s article.

Number 1: Approach Avoidance.

They will always say no. It is guaranteed they won’t let things happen on your terms because they have to have it their way. They have to have power and control over you, so why would they agree? But tables are turned and things are twisted when they want it from you. If they feel like having s**ex, you have to give in, you have to say yes, regardless of how you’re feeling and what you are trying to recover from. Maybe you just had surgery, and only 2 days have passed; your wounds are still fresh. You’re trying to recover and get hold of your life.

This narcissistic partner of yours demands s**ex. You can’t say no, and they show no empathy whatsoever towards you then. And if you say no to them, they threaten you with cheating. They make it seem like they are going to step out of this relationship to meet their physical needs. But what about yours? What about your physical needs when you want to fulfill them? They do not matter to a narcissist.

You can’t have any, for you were created to only fulfill their needs. Being always rejected, and having to hear “no” all the time makes you feel worthless. You feel like you’re not attractive enough, you’re too thin, too fat, or there is something wrong with your body, or you smell. These thoughts naturally come to your mind when you’re not desired by your partner.

And when they turn their face against you and they just kind of give you a pushback and make it seem like they don’t want it when you want it, you truly start thinking that there is something wrong with you that you need to fix. And you try: you lose weight, you gain weight, you change how you dress, you change how you smell, and still, nothing fixes the situation.

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