Narcissism 101

6 Reasons Why Narcissists Will Continue To Do Evil To You


What drives egocentric people like narcissists to act the way they do? Most of us probably struggle to understand the inner workings of narcissists and their behavior. But everyone who has worked with or even just known a narcissist can attest to their annoyance. To prepare ourselves for the next segment, let’s start with a definition and history of narcissism.

Narcissistic personality disorder NPD is a mental and personality illness characterized by an exaggerated belief in One’s Own importance, an inability to empathize, and an unhealthy fixation on receiving compliments and being the center of attention. In many ways, the close friends and family of a person with this disorder may share the burden of caring for the person with this disorder. Why are there even narcissists?

Narcissism is a genuine and pervasive mental condition that develops as a result of trauma and poor experiences during early development. Some people’s ingrained narcissism can be traced back to a childhood marked by excessive pampering and the absence of discipline. When narcissists are young, they often have overly sensitive personalities.

Perhaps your parents had unrealistic expectations of you as a kid, or maybe your loved ones spoiled you rotten. It’s possible though, that they have good reason to act this way. There’s no denying that narcissists are capable of severe brutality and callousness; they frequently lash out at those closest to them in an effort to drag home the point that they hate themselves immensely. A narcissist may be convinced to trust you or overlook your defects if you offer them enough affection.

However, once you reveal your flaws to a narcissist, they may rapidly discard any value you might have. As soon as it becomes clear that you are a fallible human being, narcissists will stop talking to you and treat you with disdain. Here are six situations where narcissists’ cruelty became apparent.

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