Narcissism 101

8 Reasons Narcissists Need a Scapegoat


If you have ever felt like you were the black sheep in the family, you are not alone. It can be hard to feel like an outsider and unwanted by the family. This behavior can extend to a group of friends or a relationship as well. What you have been going through is the life of a narcissist’s scapegoat. What most people don’t know is that children are mostly used as scapegoats. So, what is a scapegoat for a narcissist exactly?

It is usually a targeted individual in a group who is used to blame, shame, and project their feelings onto others. Most of the time the scapegoat is unaware of the bullying that is going on as they see it to be normal behavior for that group.

This article will help you understand why narcissists need those scapegoats. If you feel like you are a scapegoat, but aren’t too sure, this can help you make that determination.

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