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8 Things that STOPS Narcissists from Cheating


Narcissists commonly cheat because they lack self-control. It’s not in their nature to resist the urge to feed their ego with additional sources of attention. Is it ever possible to stop a narcissist from cheating? The key reasons narcissists lie and cheat in their relationships are poor impulse control, a big ego, an inflated sense of self-importance, grandiosity, a lack of guilt, empathy, and shame, and a persistent need for a narcissistic supply.

Here are 8 things that stop narcissists from cheating:

Number 1: You don’t feel insecure or jealous of them.

The best way to keep narcissists from cheating is to not make them feel insecure or jealous. Feeling insecure about yourself is easy when you’re with a narcissist, which can lead to jealousy. If you don’t feel insecure or jealous in your relationship with a narcissist, it’s going to be hard for him or her to find something wrong with you.

When a narcissist feels threatened by your success, they will do whatever it takes to tear you down and bring you back in line with their expectations. If they feel you could be more successful than them, or if they think other people view you as superior, they will likely seek revenge. Narcissists may seek revenge by cheating on you with another potential partner better than you.

Number 2: You show signs of strength and confidence.

Narcissists love to feel like they’re better than everyone else around them. So, if you start showing signs of strength and confidence, it will make them jealous and insecure. This will also lead to thinking that they can’t control you easily.

They are looking for someone who will be a reflection of themselves, someone who will make them look good not someone who won’t challenge them. Narcissists don’t like to cheat on people who show signs of confidence and self-esteem; they don’t want their partner to have any power over them.

Suppose they see you as an equal or even better, someone with more power than them in a relationship. In that case, there will be less likely to cheat and more likely to do things like work on the relationship instead.

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Number 3: You don’t let them control everything in the relationship.

Narcissists are obsessed with holding onto power in their relationships, they want to be in charge at all times, but if you don’t give them that power, they won’t be able to. You must be careful to maintain your independence, and not let a narcissistic partner take over every aspect of your life. Don’t let your partner be in control of everything, especially your emotions, they like being able to manipulate others into doing things for them.

Suppose they feel like they can control everything about you including how you feel about yourself. In that case, they’ll be more likely to take advantage of that power by getting what they want from other people. They are more likely to cheat on someone more fragile because they can’t find any challenge. The more narcissists can control you the more they are inclined to search for other victims.

Number 4: You make them need you.

Narcissists are constantly seeking validation from others, and they often find it in romantic relationships. However, if you don’t need him or her as much as they need you, they may think twice before cheating because they won’t want to lose what they have with you. Narcissists need you more than you need them. To keep your narcissist from cheating, you need to make them need you.

They are people who feel entitled to whatever they want and don’t feel the need to respect or care about anyone else, they only care about themselves and their happiness. When your partner is a narcissist, their sense of self-worth is directly tied to the value they receive from other people.

They don’t feel worthy of love unless someone else confirms their worthiness. So, if they end up in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about them as much as they do, narcissists cheat to get back at their partner for not caring enough.

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Number 5: Narcissists have a fear of being caught.

They have a deep-seated fear of being found out and exposed as the frauds they are, so they’re unlikely to cheat if there’s any risk that they will be discovered. And they are masters of manipulation, so they can fool most people into thinking they’re perfect, but narcissists are also extremely self-centered, which means that if someone else finds out about their infidelity, it’s like a massive slap to their ego.

As a result, narcissists will go to great lengths to keep their affairs secret, they often lie or change their entire personality to make themselves seem like better people than they are. Narcissists fear being discovered as cheaters because they fear losing control over their lives, and they don’t want anyone else to have power over them and will go to great lengths to avoid being seen as weak or vulnerable.

For this reason, narcissists rarely cheat on their partners in public spaces and often seek out areas where nobody knows them. They don’t feel guilty about hurting other people but worry about getting caught and punished. This fear keeps them from straying outside their relationship for too long.

Number 6: They don’t want to risk their reputation or their good name.

Narcissists don’t want to risk their reputation or good name, so they don’t cheat, they’re all about status and a reputation for infidelity is a surefire way to ruin your reputation. They know that the relationship will be over if their partner or spouse finds out about their cheating.

Because of this, narcissists are extremely careful about who they cheat with; they don’t want any chance of getting caught. And even if they do get caught, they know that their relationship is over and that it’s better to cut their losses than try to salvage something with someone else.

Narcissists have a reputation to uphold, and that reputation is often based on how well-respected they are by others. They want other people to look up to them, so they work hard at maintaining a good name that gives them this respectability among their peers.

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Number 7: They are extremely jealous of people who get their partner’s attention.

The first thing that stops narcissists from cheating is their extreme jealousy of people who get their partner’s attention. They tend to be extremely jealous, so they’ll do anything to avoid getting caught in the act. And they are very insecure and terrified of abandonment, so they will do anything to ensure their partner stays loyal.

They can be extremely jealous of other people who get attention from their partners. In addition, they want all the attention for themselves, so when someone else starts getting attention from their partner, it can feel like an attack on them. This makes them more likely to lash out against that person rather than cheat because they don’t want to give up their partner’s attention.

Number 8: They’re afraid that their next partners to be superior to them.

Narcissists are often afraid that their next partners will be superior to them, which is why they might not be comfortable with the idea of cheating. They might not want to cheat, but to feel like they are the best. So, if someone else comes along who is better than them in some way, it could cause them to feel insecure and make them reconsider their current relationship.

Narcissists feel threatened by people who are more accomplished or successful than they are; they believe that if they date someone of equal intelligence, it will make them feel inferior. This is why narcissists chase after less intelligent partners to feel better about themselves.

They typically cheat because they view relationships as a game, they look for partners who will push them and make them feel exceptional to maintain their interests. However, after they have won over their partners, they rapidly lose interest and move on to someone else.

These suggestions may be helpful to keep narcissists from cheating, but there is no guarantee they will.

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