Narcissism 101

8 TOP Lies a Narcissist Tells


Number 1: “It’s not my fault.”

When confronted with adversity, narcissists masterfully dodge accountability. Even if they appear to admit a smidgen of fault, it often pertains to a trivial aspect or remains indirectly related to the core issue at hand. Narcissists possess a remarkable skill for justifying their actions rather than accepting responsibility for their mistakes.

Instead of sincerely acknowledging, “I should not have done that,” they concoct explanations that deflect blame, such as “I acted that way because of X.” At times, their explanations may sound plausible, leading individuals who lack insight into the whole story to side with the narcissist, mistakenly believing that their actions are justified reasoning.

However, for those who have spent ample time in the company of a narcissist, this painfully predictable pattern becomes tiresome. Witnessing the recurrence of this behavior in their interactions with others only amplifies the frustration, as one longingly yearns for the narcissist to account for their actions and accept genuine responsibility.

Number 2: “You can be vulnerable with me.”

At times, narcissists explicitly convey that you can trust them with your deepest stories, experiences, emotions, and struggles. Yet, when dealing with a narcissist, it is far from safe to open up and be vulnerable. It is crucial to recognize that this alone does not determine someone’s status as a narcissist, as being vulnerable is an essential aspect of genuine and caring relationships.

However, here lies the truth: all narcissists employ this deceitful tactic, whether overtly or subtly. They may not explicitly state it, but they skillfully create an environment that induces a false sense of security. Through probing questions or sharing their own life stories, they skillfully coax you to lower your guard and divulge your vulnerabilities, only to exploit them later.

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