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9 Horrible Things Narcissists OFTEN Do To Their Wives


Narcissists rely on their significant ones to boost their self-esteem, and make them feel more unique and worthwhile that’s the main one. But while they’re here, they might as well utilize their partner for a few other things that will help them out too. You’ve got to love a narcissist after all because everything’s about them.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are famously difficult to get close to because they are so controlling, demanding, and self-absorbed. They frequently count on their significant others to give up everything they own for them. Please keep in mind that none of this has anything to do with any ill will that they may feel toward their partners.

Narcissists can’t see them as people who deserve to be treated with respect and empathy. In accordance with the topic of how narcissists treat their Partners in marriage, here are just a few instances of how they mistreat their wives.

 Number 1: Narcissists frequently lie to their Partners in marriage.

They are known to be chronic liars, especially to the women in their lives, they’ll come up with a funny reason like an unexpected meeting with a client, or a need to stay late at the workplace. Furthermore, they will exaggerate Minor Details like the amount of money they have in the bank, or how much they spent on an item.

When it comes to their own egos, narcissists would tell any lie. To get what they want, narcissists would even lie to their wives without remorse. To satisfy their desires, they will stop at nothing. Narcissists are Infamous for making promises they won’t keep, they’ll say they’re sorry, but then they’ll act the same way again.

Number 2: Narcissists frequently resort to isolating their Partners as a means of controlling them.

They frequently adopt this strategy when interacting with their partners; a narcissistic husband will do anything to isolate his wife from her extended family and friends. This helps narcissists exert control over their wives because they know their wives will have nowhere else to turn, but to them, if they keep their wives socially isolated.

The Narcissist intends for his wife to feel confined and Powerless, and this serves the narcissist’s purposes. They often isolate their Partners socially so that their spouses have no one to turn to for assistance, that’s why they could insist their wives give up their work to focus on family needs full-time.

They will also take measures to drain their wise bank accounts making Escape difficult unless their wives go through them. As a result, his wife’s Independence and choice are no longer relevant.

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Number 3: Narcissists use guess lighting to maintain power and control over their partners.

They utilize gaslighting to keep their wives under control, an example of this manipulative strategy would be to tell someone they are wrong about how they feel, or that they are making up a story while in reality, they are not. This is one strategy employed by narcissists to discourage their Partners from looping.

They employ gaslighting a sort of manipulation to make their wives blame themselves for the problems in the relationship. They can argue that their partner is too dependent on them, and refuse to make any special arrangements for them. Narcissists often accuse their wives of being weak, powerless, or lazy.

Number 4: Narcissists are often unfaithful to their spouses.

To a narcissist, the satisfaction in the marriage has nothing to do with infidelity, because they are unable to feel anything for their partner. Finding someone else who can more fully satisfy narcissists’ needs is what drives adultery. When they cheat it’s because the partnership is only a means to an end for them.

Cheating is more common among narcissistic guys because they suffer from insecurity, and need constant reassurance from others, especially women. To a narcissist there is no one more important than themselves, thus they often do what they please whenever they please, no matter the consequences. Also, they have extramarital Affairs to bolster their inflated sense of self-worth.

A narcissist’s craving for power and control is gratified by having an affair since it gives them power and influence over another person’s life. Narcissists are experts at hiding their true identities since they are so good at faking enormously and kindness is usually hard to catch them in the act of cheating.

Number 5: Narcissists consider their Apartments to be nothing more than objects.

The wife of a narcissist is a sign of his success fortune and power, which he uses to impress others. As she dresses well, he will show her off at Social gatherings. If a narcissistic husband is worried that his wife’s less-than-perfect beauty may hurt the relationship, he will likely exert a great deal of control over her personal care routines.

He might become a control freak and dictate how she should style her hair and apply her makeup, as an extension of him The Narcissist sees in his wife a Priceless possession that no one else can have. Should she behave badly or make a mistake, narcissists are prone to punish her. In order for her to learn her lesson The Narcissist will either publicly embarrass her or abandon her.

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Number 6: Narcissists often criticize their wives.

The spouse of a narcissist is likely to be the object of the narcissist’s relentless criticism. When narcissist needs to feel superior or entitled he is more inclined to criticize and shame their wife, they are always criticizing their partner whether it is for Flaws in their appearance IQ Behavior, or motivations.

They constantly manage to find fault with everybody and make them feel bad about themselves. A narcissist isn’t attempting to help the person they’re criticizing grow as a person. Rather, they want to make the other feel bad about themselves so that they’ll be less likely to quit the relationship.

She will start to second-guess herself and think she can’t make sound choices as a result. In that manner, narcissistic husbands can continue to exercise leadership within their households.

Number 7: Narcissists use fury to control and manipulate their partners.

If a narcissist wants to maintain control over their female partner, they must keep their woman off balance. By acting abnormally furious narcissistic males can manipulate their wives into feeling threatened, distracted, and even responsible for their own mental breakdown. The Narcissist knows that if he can convince his wife that she is going mad, the wife will give up trying to dispute the narcissist’s dominance.

The narcissist’s husband first uses threats and intimidation to acquire power over his wife. When this doesn’t work, he’ll turn to physical violence to get control over her. The narcissist wants a complete say over every aspect of his wife’s life, from the clothes she wears to the friends she keeps and the food she eats.

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Number 8: Narcissists have high standards for their wives.

The Companion of a narcissist should prioritize the narcissist’s happiness above everything else. They held their women to unrealistically high standards as Housewives and mothers, yet failed to give them adequate resources to help them succeed. This is why narcissists’ expectations of their wives are so high.

The reality is that the wife’s ability to handle all of the domestic tasks effectively appears to be the single most important factor in the couple’s happiness. It’s easy to see how narcissists would react if she failed any of these responsibilities.

Narcissists tend to be excessively controlling and demanding, they rely on their wives to do everything from running errands and cooking meals to cleaning the house and raising their children.

As he kicks back and relaxes he’ll make her feel like a maid cook and housekeeper. They want women to satisfy all of their needs, but they didn’t care if she has any. As a result, the wife often feels helpless and dependent on her husband.

Number 9: Narcissists won’t hesitate to abuse their wives.

They frequently engage in abusive patterns with their partners, this can be achieved on a mental or physical level. A narcissist’s wife may be the target of an angry outburst; while some narcissists are physically violent against their Partners, others are only ever verbally abusive.

Wives of narcissists are often subjected to their husband’s public and private criticism. As an added bonus, narcissists frequently discourage their Partners from developing friendships outside of their relationship with them.

They are toxic companies because they care only about themselves. It’s possible to find them cute at first, but their true nature will show. Narcissists tend to view their wives as mere objects intended to serve just their needs.

They don’t have meaningful connections with anyone, so it seems natural that they would just use their wives as a vehicle to fulfill their own selfish goals. And this includes ignoring the wife’s wants and feelings in favor of their inflated ego. And they rely on them to gain access to otherwise inaccessible resources and networks.

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