Narcissism 101

9 Horrible Things Narcissists OFTEN Do To Their Wives


Narcissists rely on their significant ones to boost their self-esteem, and make them feel more unique and worthwhile that’s the main one. But while they’re here, they might as well utilize their partner for a few other things that will help them out too. You’ve got to love a narcissist after all because everything’s about them.

People with narcissistic personality disorder are famously difficult to get close to because they are so controlling, demanding, and self-absorbed. They frequently count on their significant others to give up everything they own for them. Please keep in mind that none of this has anything to do with any ill will that they may feel toward their partners.

Narcissists can’t see them as people who deserve to be treated with respect and empathy. In accordance with the topic of how narcissists treat their Partners in marriage, here are just a few instances of how they mistreat their wives.

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