Narcissism 101

Are Narcissists Born or Made?


In our society, narcissism is rewarded. Antagonists and narcissists seem to earn more or do better financially. Greater and unhealthy degrees of these traits are becoming a common occurrence. All of us have encountered someone with narcissistic behaviors. With regard to this, it’s important to remember that narcissism is a spectrum. A healthy individual has narcissistic traits to some degree. It enables them to take pride in their accomplishments and to be comfortable with recognition, none of which are bad things.

A narcissistic personality disorder is on the extreme end of the spectrum. It’s rare to encounter people clinically diagnosed with this disorder. In fact, only one in two hundred people have this personality disorder statistically. Hopefully, this definition helps you learn the difference between the disorder and regular narcissistic traits. And with this distinction, you’ll be able to better understand issues that are allegedly related to narcissism. We’ve used the word allegedly because many of the things we’ll discuss aren’t set in stone.

In other words, they aren’t intended to give you definite answers but point to how narcissism develops. Usually when you ask, “Are people born narcissists?” you unconsciously want to find out if it’s possible to reverse it. It’s not. Narcissism develops from childhood and that’s not something you can reverse. Maybe you’re a parent to a narcissist and you’re wondering what you did wrong. Or you’re a sibling to a narcissist and you’re thinking about why you didn’t turn out that way.

While this article aims to help you understand these traits, we hope that it’ll trigger a more informed way to deal with them rather than blame or responsibility to fix them. Only a personal initiative by the narcissist will make them better.

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