Narcissism 101

How a Narcissist Destroys Your Body?


As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, you learned to disconnect from your body. Why? Because it was extremely overwhelming to stay aware of what was going on there all the time. Therefore, you became more head-centered, and everything else was contained within the body. Now, this disconnection may manifest in myriad ways, most of which you may think are not related to your experience of surviving the narcissist. So, in today’s topic, I’m going to show what this disconnection looks like and explain to you how to heal your body. Read until the end to find out how mind-body disconnection may manifest in a narcissistic abuse survivor.

1. Lack of spatial awareness & disorientation

L can’t tell you how many times I have struggled with bumping into things, knowing quite well the place that I would be living in, but still, I would bump into places. Occasionally, it’s okay for that to happen, but if that happens regularly and you bump into the same thing again and again, that clearly shows you are not in your body.

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