Narcissism 101

How Narcissists Relate To People?


In today’s topic, we will be talking about the judgmental nature of covert narcissists. Being judgmental entails possessing an excessively critical perspective. Covert narcissists, in particular, tend to harbor their judgments internally, only expressing them within their safe spaces, typically their homes. It is within this realm that they reveal their true colors and share their darkest thoughts, shielding them from the awareness of those outside.

Although they may applaud and offer compliments in public, internally they seethe with envy and jealousy. Consequently, they resort to belittling others and subtly redirecting attention away from the positive actions accomplished by those around them.

It is intriguing to note that covert narcissists are highly critical of others, despite their inability to tolerate criticism themselves. By the end of this discussion, you will gain insight into why they perceive themselves as capable of dishing out criticism while being averse to receiving it. The mind of a narcissist is complex, intricate, and deceptive. Even when witnessing the same event as others, they recall details in a manner that surprises those who observe them.

Narcissists possess vivid imaginations and an idealistic outlook. However, some of the scenarios they conjure up become distorted to the point of blurring the line between imagination and reality. Consequently, they can convincingly deceive both themselves and others through their skilled manipulation.

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