Narcissism 101

How Narcissists Will Betray You In The End?


In today’s article, I’ll break out the true motivations of narcissists and why they will end up betraying you, no matter how good you are. Narcissists are typically self-absorbed, haughty, possessive, and demanding. They seem fascinating at first, but that’s just a tactic to obtain what they want from you.

If you want to make a narcissist happy, you’ll have to give in to their long list of demands. In other words, you have to realize that nobody cares about you. This begs the question why are narcissists trying to interact with you, and what do they hope to gain?

Number 1. Makes you feel small and irrelevant.

Making you feel like you have no value is a primary objective for a narcissist. One tactic is to make you feel that you’re not contributing anything useful and that your thoughts don’t matter. The point is to make you feel hopeless about being lovable by anyone else because of how low your standards are.

A narcissist is incredibly vulnerable and understates their abilities. People like them don’t feel good about themselves until they’ve made other people’s lives hell. Their obsession with becoming famous has made them callous toward the consequences of their deeds. They have an accurate self-awareness but yet seek others’ approval and adulation.

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