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How Narcissists Will Betray You In The End?


In today’s article, I’ll break out the true motivations of narcissists and why they will end up betraying you, no matter how good you are. Narcissists are typically self-absorbed, haughty, possessive, and demanding. They seem fascinating and interesting at first, but that’s just a tactic to obtain what they want from you.

If you want to make a narcissist happy, you’ll have to give in to their long list of demands. In other words, you have to realize that nobody cares about you. Which begs the question why are narcissists trying to interact with you, and what do they hope to gain?

Number 1. Make you feel small and irrelevant.

Making you feel like you have no value is a primary objective for a narcissist. One tactic is to make you feel that you’re not contributing anything useful and that your thoughts don’t matter. The point is to make you feel hopeless about being lovable by anyone else because of how low your standards are.

A narcissist is incredibly vulnerable and understates their abilities. People like them don’t feel good about themselves until they’ve made other people’s lives hell. Their obsession with becoming famous has made them callous toward the consequences of their deeds. They have an accurate self-awareness but yet seek others’ approval and adulation.

Number 2. Narcissists try to make you feel terrible about yourself.

They will do whatever it takes to make you feel terrible about yourself. It’s usual for a narcissist to act down and out when they’re actually just trying to shift the blame onto you. Rather than dealing with problems, narcissists look for someone or something external to blame for their own shortcomings.

The narcissist is a superb manipulator who will use whatever means necessary to make you feel like the worst person alive. If you don’t agree with them, for instance, they may label you as rude or insensitive. Misuse of guilt as a manipulative tool is inevitable.

Number 3.  Narcissists constantly seek both inner and outer destruction.

They get a sick thrill out of seeing other people suffer. They intend to have a great time tearing you to shreds. People who are narcissists are the most dangerous since they care solely about themselves. They have zero concern for you or your situation.

They are completely preoccupied with themselves and their desires. Your happiness is an enemy that must be destroyed at all costs in the eyes of the narcissist. They seek to eradicate you and everyone you care about. They are hell-bent on destroying every chance you have of a happy life. And if they aren’t permitted to have it, no one else will either.

Number 4. The narcissist’s next goal is to use you for his or her own benefit.

They care about you only as long as they may benefit from you in some way. That’s the first thing on their minds, and it will be the last thing on their minds before they fall asleep. Narcissists will exploit others for their own benefit. They are always looking out for number one, and they won’t stop until they’ve found a method to benefit you financially or otherwise.

They aren’t interested in forming meaningful relationships with you; they’re only interested in getting what they think you have to offer. Narcissists are experts at projecting an image of flawlessness onto themselves and others. They will make you feel like the worst person in the world while professing they love you just so they may get what they want. They may be trusted to use your compassion and understanding against you before running away when they have had enough.

Number 5. Narcissists have a pathological need for adulation and praise.

They are always looking for ways to boost their own profile. They’d be flattered if you took note of them and their efforts, and came to the conclusion that more of them would be helpful. Insecure people like narcissists can’t handle it when others begin to prove themselves. Let’s say you’ve already decided to ignore him for the sake of argument.

Therefore, a narcissist would increase the pressure by making it look like a lack of devotion or civility on your side if you don’t constantly lavish them with compliments. There are a number of methods that can be used to break your spirit, including disparaging your efforts, attacking your sense of self-worth, gaslighting you into thinking things aren’t what they appear, breaking off a relationship, and so on.

Number 6. A narcissist will constantly feel the urge to be in charge.

Those that are narcissistic will never allow themselves to see power. They want you to be financially and emotionally reliant on them. It’s common knowledge that they have an unhealthy obsession with power, but did you also know that they’ll do anything to exert it? As far back as they can remember, they’ve always done this, and they don’t intend to stop now.

Narcissists will stop at nothing to keep you trapped in their web. They will make it abundantly clear that they expect you to cater to their every whim. They won’t stop trying till they achieve their goal. Narcissists can’t feel good about themselves or achieve their goals without being the supreme ruler.

Number 7. Narcissists aim to boost their own self-esteem by making others miserable.

People who suffer from narcissism have an obsessive fixation on their own value and are always looking for ways to increase it. One way to accomplish this is to make you feel bad about yourself. When interacting with a narcissist, you can count on being the target of their animosity. No one cares a lake about your needs or wants; they don’t give a damn about your feelings.

All that matters to a narcissist is how they feel and what they can get out of the interaction. They will do whatever it takes to maintain the pity they receive from others when they insult you. Their only concern is getting your attention, so they won’t stop until they succeed, even if it means making you feel terrible in the process. Narcissists will take any chance to bring you down in your own eyes while raising their own.

Number 8. Narcissists will assuredly tell you that you have zero chance of success.

Why are narcissists drawn to you? The objective is to make you feel that your best efforts are futile. By insisting on unreasonable terms, they have successfully made you feel helpless and irrational, ensuring that they are the only ones who come out on top and can feel good about themselves.

Narcissists May maintain their Authority with little effort. When talking with a narcissist, you may expect them to make you question your own judgment. They want you to believe that you are a total and utter who can’t even open a door without smashing it. Narcissists will try to get you to doubt your own good sense so they can portray themselves as the savior.

Number 9. Narcissists will try to manipulate your feelings into giving them what they want.

They are cruel people that take advantage of your good nature to get what they want. They are very interested in the things that make you happy, sad, angry, or jealous. When dealing with a narcissist, be aware that they are always assessing you to determine where they may gain an advantage. The objective is to gather as much Intel about you as possible so they can use it to their advantage.

It’s not easy to interact with the narcissist. Negative or positive, they will grab everything they can get emotionally from you. They are manipulative animals that will resort to whatever means required to gain what they want from you, whether it’s money or your time and attention. They are always looking for new opportunities to exploit your feelings. This is why it is crucial that they maintain maximum concentration and productivity.

Number 10. Narcissists will try to make you believe that you need them to survive.

They will try to win your trust by making you believe that no one understands or cares about your predicament. To accomplish what they want, they resort to emotional manipulation by using guilt, and the fear that no one will care about them again if they don’t change. Your chances of being retained increase if they learn how much you rely on them.

You’re stuck with them whether or not staying together makes sense for you. When it comes to human beings, narcissists are the worst kind because they drain the life force from everyone around them. People are disposable commodities in the eyes of narcissists for the benefit of themselves alone. A set of aids to boost their self-esteem and propel them forward in the social order.

They may not exhibit any overt hostile tendencies, but that doesn’t mean they don’t wish to control you or cause you harm. By comprehending their goals, you will be better able to avoid being manipulated by their self-serving strategies and actions.

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