How to Overcome Approach Anxiety (9 Simple Steps)


Do you lack the confidence to approach someone you like? Do you also tell yourself that it’s really not a big deal but you still end up not talking to him/ her? Well, you are NOT ALONE!! Approach anxiety stands for that overwhelming feeling when you are unable to convince yourself to ask a person you like out just because of the fear of not getting positive results! Some people think that by not taking a chance, they are just overcoming the anxiety and stress! But in reality, they are just fooling themselves!

So if you are facing the same issues, then this video might just work perfectly fine for you. Here’s a breakdown of all the ways to overcome approach anxiety you need to know.

 Number 9. Embrace the Feeling of Fear.

Most people fear rejection! I mean, it’s a normal thing to feel! But there are people who take this fear to another level. You have to decide whether you want to control your fear or you want the fear to control you. Try to act the opposite of what your mind tells you to do. Think of the worst scenario and then imagine being completely comfortable in that case. Start with small fears. You need to cope with your small fears before facing the bigger ones. That way you will become completely immune to the fear of rejection. The worst-case scenario would be getting a no. Embracing that fear will empower you and let you take control of your emotions.

 Number 8. Don’t Act Fake.

 If you think that lying can get you somewhere in your life, then you are wrong. Most people try to act fake when they are with the opposite gender. They are pretending to be someone they are not and it always ends up in disaster! Never try to use words that you don’t know the meaning of. Sometimes boasting off so much gets you in hot waters! Suppose that girl eventually ends up liking you and everything is going just as you imagined. But then she realizes that you were just pretending all along and just like that, everything is gone. So try to act as naturally as possible.

Number 7. Take the First Step.

 After overcoming your fear of rejection, take the first step. Get up and approach anyone near you. That’s the first step of the war against your inner fear. Now slowly, take the next step to get closer to the girl you like. And that’s IT! You have done it! Now try to speak and the moment you open your mouth to say Hi is the moment when you have won the war against approach anxiety.

 Number 6. Look Deep Into Her Personality.

 Not everyone is the same inside and out. The girl you liked might be pretty on the outside but one never knows what kind of personality she holds. She might not be the person you are looking for. And you can only find that out by continuing the conversation. Try to ask more random questions so you can learn more about her. And if all her answers indicate the personality that you are looking for, then go ahead and make the best out of it. But if not, then you’ve just gained experience for future approaches.

 Number 5. Give Up if the Vibe Doesn’t Match.

You have to accept the fact that she might not be the one for you. Knowing that You can walk away will help you overcome all the nervousness when you try to ask a girl out. Some people even set goals for themselves when they think of approaching a girl. Some of the goals are like I should talk to her for at least 10 minutes. Or I should talk to her until I get her phone number. If you also have such goals in mind then try to reconsider them as such goals can only aggravate your stress and anxiety. You’re just looking for a valuable connection with a girl and it doesn’t have to feel like a mission or task you need to accomplish. If she is not a good fit, simply walk away.

 Number 4. Cut Out the Negative Thoughts.

Thoughts like She is too picky, I shouldn’t approach her., She is way out of my league. and I have tried so many times, but I will fail this time too can destroy your dating life. Such negative thoughts are common in people with anxiety. But do you ever think that if the girl you like is picky, then perhaps you should be too? Why throw your heart away for every girl you see? And apart from that, girls usually invest a lot of time to look perfect. All that makeup, perfect gloss, and glowing skin take a lot of time. So you can’t judge someone based on their looks. She might be the prettiest but that doesn’t mean that she is out of your league. Try to find the real person beneath all the makeup and you might find the most humble girl who is totally not out of your league.

Number 3. Find a Perfect Place to Meet a Girl.

Your activities reflect your inner personality. So if you are a book lover and love to spend your time in the library, then you cant expect to find your soulmate in a bar. Try to socialize with people in a place where you love to spend your time the most. You might find the right girl for you through some of your friends. It is highly possible that maybe one of your friends will introduce you to the girl of your dreams and you wouldn’t have to approach her at all. Not only that, any girl that you find in the place where you are comfortable is more likely to feel a connection to you since you may already have something in common. Finding a girl with the same interests as yourself will lessen your stress and anxiety. Well, the list doesn’t end here. We have some more amazing exercises for you to help you overcome the approach anxiety.

Number 2. Perform Some Exercises.

 We are going to share some amazing exercises with you which will help you desensitize to any kind of anxiety. Try to talk to at least 10 complete strangers at the mall and ask some random questions. For example, You can ask about time and the best coffee shops. Do this on a daily basis. Once you find it easier to do that you can increase the difficulty level. Now you have to talk to 10 strangers and compliment them too. When you are done with that level, you have to add another thing to your list. You gotta make a thoughtful statement about the hair or dress of the stranger too. Slowly exposing yourself to this activity will surely boost your confidence which is required if you want to get used to talking to strangers until you can do it with ease.

 Number 1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.

 Take out a pen and paper and write down all your goals related to your dating life. You also have to get out of your comfort zone and stop putting effort into the girl you are not so much into. Try to analyze what other distractions are making your dating life worse. Watching porn every single day can also be the cause of your approach anxiety. You don’t feel the urge to ask a girl out as all your needs are met by the porn. If you also watch porn and go through all the approaching issues mentioned above, then you need to cut out porn from your life.

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