Narcissism 101

How To Reduce The Fuel You Give To Narcissists


It takes a lot of discipline to enforce No Contact and to keep it going. But we need discipline even more for those times when we come face to face with the Narcissist. Because despite changing our phone numbers, changing jobs, moving houses, and blocking them on social media; unless we haven’t physically moved country and severed all connections with the Narcissist including any flying monkeys there is a possibility that you will encounter that Narcissist again.

Then some must deal with shared custody with a Narcissist, working at the same job with the Narcissist, same gym, or at any other social event where seeing the Narcissist is inevitable. In these instances, how do we reduce the amount of Narcissistic Supply that we give? In other words, how can we stop a Narcissist from using us as fuel? We are going to explain what sort of interactions or modes of communication give the most Narcissistic supply and what provides the least.

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