Narcissism 101

Strange Behaviors of Children Abused by Narcissistic Parents


Today’s topic is a bit sensitive. Our only goal is to educate you so get ready to peel back the layers of a topic that’s not often discussed but deserves our attention: The Strange Behaviors exhibited by children who’ve had the unfortunate experience of being raised by narcissistic parents. Read until the end and get to know the peculiar signs. If you observe this from the children you meet, it’s a roller coaster of emotions.

Number 1: An aversion to touch and physical affection.

In the world of kids dealing with narcissistic parents, some have this weird thing; they don’t like hugs or touches. It’s not that they hate love; it’s just that hugs and touches feel scary to them. Imagine being afraid that a hug might hurt. That’s how these kids feel. When someone tries to hug them, they might flinch or pretend to laugh, but deep down, they’re using these tricks to protect themselves. It’s like they’re building a shield because they expect bad things from a simple hug.

This isn’t just about physical touch; it’s about the way they protect their feelings too. Trust is a tricky thing for them, like a puzzle that’s hard to solve. Moreover, it’s not just about hugs; it’s about their feelings too. These kids find it challenging to connect with others emotionally. They guard their feelings because they’re afraid of being hurt. Rebuilding trust and understanding their fear of vulnerability is like opening the door to a better connection with them.

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