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Super Empath vs Greater Narcissist What happened?


Few pairs of people can spark a chemistry that’s so intoxicating it can feel like an addiction than a super empath and a narcissist. When their worlds collide, the super empath’s kindhearted and giving nature, paired with the narcissist’s love bombs of grand romantic gestures and empty promises, their romance can be described as a whirlwind of lust and passion.

However, once the initial attraction and love bombing phase have ended, the couple will find themselves on a battlefield of mind games instead of a sturdy foundation building towards a healthy relationship.

What about a super empath and a greater narcissist? If you’re wondering what a greater narcissist is, don’t worry. Put simply, a greater narcissist is a narcissist who is self-aware of their condition and manipulative tendencies. This, of course, makes a lesser narcissist, in contrast, a narcissist who is not aware of their narcissistic traits, whether a greater narcissist has become aware of their traits through a diagnosis or if they simply grew up with a high sense of self-awareness.

It makes them distinct from lesser narcissists because their behaviors are more controlled and calculated. That’s why today’s article is about the super empath versus the greater narcissist.

Let’s begin with a little background about the anonymous narcissist. We connected with the anonymous narcissist through a mental health community, which he requested to remain private. Four years ago, he was diagnosed by a registered psychiatrist who diagnosed him with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

When I connected with him, I was surprised by his warm, near-charitable, and helpful nature. He was excited to interview for our channel. When I asked him why he agreed to help us, I was shocked by his answer. He replied, ‘I see a lot of information about narcissism online, that seems to be heavily influenced by the media or movies.

It’s not an accurate representation of how this pathology impacts people.’ Well, we were happy he decided to share his experiences with narcissism with us because we learned a lot from his insight and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Let’s analyze the relationship.

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