Narcissism 101

10 Dirty Ways Narcissists End Their Relationship


Ever since something’s off in your relationship. Beware of the narcissist. They’re masters at ending things abruptly and sneakily. Brace yourself for a dive into their world. Discover the 10 shocking tactics narcissists employ to end relationships.

Number 1: Narcissist ghosts you.

Psychologists and experts have observed this behavior in narcissists, and it’s not uncommon. They call it silent treatment or ghosting. It’s a way for narcissists to exert power and control over you by cutting off communication. Narcissists leave you feeling confused, hurt, and doubting yourself.

Dr. Romani Durvasula, a renowned psychologist, explains that ghosting is a typical behavior in narcissistic relationships. She says ghosting is a compelling way of knocking someone down without the victims even knowing it. They’re getting rid of you without dealing with the consequences of their actions.

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