Narcissism 101

10 Things A Narcissist Would Tell You If They Were Honest


If Narcissists were honest, they would struggle to have relationships. It would be nearly impossible for them to cause as much damage as they currently do. So, today’s topic, I will be addressing some of the things Narcissists are guilty of.

And that if they were upfront about who they are and what they are about many of us would have walked the other way. But let’s get into 10 facts about Narcissists and Narcissism and what a Narcissist would tell people upfront if they were honest.

Some of the traits or issues I’m going to talk about vary, meaning some are worse than others but it’s the complete package that makes Narcissists a walking nightmare. So, one of the first things a Narcissist would tell you if they were honest is:

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