Narcissism 101

4 Steps to get revenge on a Narcissist


How to get even with a narcissist who only cares about themselves? Is it even possible? And whatever you do, resist the temptation of going back to their toxic environment. Eliminating all communication with a narcissist is the simplest method to deal with them. Self-improvement is inevitable if sufficient effort is expended. We get it, but most people are overlooking a vital point here.

It’s entirely reasonable to feel anger or other negative emotions because you have been victimized by the narcissist’s monstrous abuse. No one else understands why the narcissist drives you up the wall. However, anger is a sign of a healthy functioning nervous system. It’s an excellent way to get fired up, and when used correctly, it can expedite the healing process. But holding on to resentment for no legitimate reason is not only unethical but counterproductive.

Today’s topic, we will discuss how to deal with narcissists. How frequently do you find yourself enraged by a person who only concerns about themselves? And if so, how furious are you, and how do you control your wrath when it becomes excessive?

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