Narcissism 101

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Trust a Narcissist


Would you consider putting your trust in a narcissist? If so, why or why not? Trustworthy people are consistent in their words and actions; they don’t pretend to be someone else at work, at home, or anywhere else. They are who they are. Narcissists are great liars they constantly appear sincere and open, but you discover otherwise when their words are backed by actions, It’s how they live?

Here are 7 reasons why you should not trust a narcissist:

Number 1: Narcissists are never satisfied and are constantly complaining.

They are among the most toxic people you will ever meet, they would often complain about how you treat others and spread false information about you. Their favorite thing in the world is to complain; all day long, they would complain and gossip about everything. Would you consider trusting someone who constantly complains about gossip? I bet that you will not; narcissists always complain because it is their point of view to see flaws and deficiencies everywhere.

Complaining is a way of life for them. Through this, they are heard, reassured, and their identity is validated. Since they are never satisfied or pleased with what they have in their lives, they are never happy with anything or anyone. Narcissists want to keep people confused and involved in their chaos, they always believe that others will do things for them by complaining making them feel superior.

They find satisfaction at the expense of someone else’s unhappiness and shortcoming. Complaining isn’t necessarily bad, but doing so regularly can be toxic in more ways than one. This is because complaining indicates that you are not accepting what is going on in your life.

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