Narcissism 101

7 Tricks the Narcissist Uses to Make You Look Like The Problem!


If you have been in any kind of relationship with a narcissist, you may have noticed that they have an unusual way of turning things around and making you look like the problem. This leaves you over-explaining, constantly on edge, and maybe even a little paranoid.

Here are 7 tricks the narcissist uses to make you look like the problem:

Number 1: Triangulating you against others.

One trick the narcissist uses to make you look like the problem is triangulation; it’s done when they pit two people against each other. There will usually be limited to no contact between you and the third person, except for the communications that come from the narcissist.

The first goal is to turn the two parties against each other by spreading lies, telling secrets, and causing confusion. Once the fire is lit it will burn on its own, the parties will start creating tension and finding their reasons to keep the feud going.

The narcissist usually benefits from this feud in some way. Now that the plan is in action, the narcissist can act independently as a friend to each party- It’s quite sick. When the narcissist gets mad at either party they can now run back to the other party and make them look like the problem.

If they can get you to believe that someone doesn’t like you for whatever reason, this will naturally keep you from communicating with the other party. If they can get the other party to believe things about you that aren’t true then they can get them to believe that you are the problem.

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