Narcissism 101

8 Signs You Are Dealing with Narcissistic Abuse


Many people are not sure whether or not they’re suffering from narcissistic abuse, cognitive dissonance, and the confusion that goes with abuse can have a lot to do with this. This is exactly what today’s topic is all about; the awareness and solutions to empower you up and out of narcissistic abuse.

Know this topic is about absolutely any narcissist in your life. All the signs apply to any toxic relationship such as a spouse, lover, family member, neighbor, or friend. So, without further ado, here are eight signs to know that you are suffering narcissistic abuse:

Number 1: Your relationship is not kind, caring, or sane.

Toxic relationships can be very confusing at times, making it difficult to know who is who in the zoo. This happens because the toxic person will spin it back on you, blame you, and will not be accountable. Remember, if someone hurts you and is not capable of a genuine apology, and you keep hanging out with this person, they’ll continue to hurt you.

They’ll never be remorseful and of course, will continue the same behavior. The truth is people either have a decent character, or they don’t, you can’t change them for who they are. People like this simply do not have the resources to grant us a healthy, loving, and happy life, but we do.

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