Narcissism 101

9 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Addicted To You


You’re not the first person to have wondered why narcissists so addicted to me are. They are addicted to you because they’re looking for someone to fill the void in their life. They have a profound need to escape reality, and they might have found that in you. Here are 9 reasons why they are addicted to you.

Number 1: They are addicted to you because they need to be adored and worshipped.

They’re looking for a perfect partner who is always there, attentive and caring. You’re the source of their ego boost, and they can’t get enough of it. You may not realize it at first, but narcissists are very insecure people who have a deep-seated fear of rejection.

They feel like they need constant validation from others, so they constantly seek out new sources of admiration for themselves. Narcissists will throw lavish parties, buy expensive gifts, and even pretend they’re in love with you all just to keep you around.

They can’t stand being alone because it makes them feel lonely and insecure. The problem is that narcissists don’t feel good enough on their own. Narcissists need other people’s attention to make themselves feel better about themselves.

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