Narcissism 101

9 Reasons Why Narcissists Are Addicted To You


Number 2: They are addicted to you because they need to be with someone to feel complete.

They may have had a bad childhood or they may have never felt loved by their parents. This can make them feel empty inside, and they will look for love in all the wrong places. They love the attention that comes from being around certain people, and if you’re one of those people, it’s easy for them to get attached.

This can lead them to become obsessed with you and want more and more time with you. You may think that this is a good sign that the narcissist is starting to care. Still, it’s a warning sign that they have become addicted to your presence, and will likely get upset if they don’t have access to you, or don’t hear from you often enough.

They will often try to make you feel like you’re the only person that matters in their life, but this isn’t true. Narcissists will use people to get what they want and then discard them when they are done with them.

Number 3: They are addicted to you because they are missing empathy in their own lives.

Narcissists cannot empathize with others, which means that they are unable to understand how someone else feels. This is why they often appear charming and charismatic but turn hostile and cruel when you don’t live up to their expectations.

Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else feels, and narcissists don’t have that ability. This means they’re always trying to figure out other people’s motivations, so they can manipulate them accordingly. When your partner is a narcissist, it can feel like you’re going through a roller coaster of emotions.

You’ll be treated like the world’s most special person, but you’ll suddenly be left in the dust and forgotten it all. This is because narcissists have no capacity for empathy, they don’t care about how you feel and only think about themselves.

Number 4: They are addicted to you because you are the supply they need.

Narcissists are not just addicted; they’re also very dependent on their supply. They fear abandonment, so they will do whatever it takes to keep the supply flowing. They’ll make promises and threats, manipulate, and lie in sheets to keep their victims trapped in their relationship.

Victims often don’t realize they’re being manipulated because they feel sorry for their narcissistic partner, or feel guilty about abandoning them. They need your attention and adoration to sustain themselves, they rely on you to fulfill their needs, so they constantly try to get more from you.

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