Narcissism 101

How to Make Narcissists Regret Every Bad Thing They’ve Done?


If you’ve ever dealt with a narcissist you know how difficult it can be. They are skilled at manipulation and persuasion and know which button is depressed to get what they want. You can make them regret everything they’ve done to you if you know how to play your cards correctly; it’s simpler than it appears. All it takes is a bit of preparation in patience.

Here are 10 ways to make a narcissist regret every bad thing they’ve done.

Number 1: Start living your best life without them in it.

The best way to make a narcissist regret everything they have done to you is to start your best life without them in it. That means you should be spending time with people who care about you and respect you as a human being- people who want to see you succeed, not just themselves.

It’s time to start seeing yourself as your own story’s hero not a supporting character in theirs. It’s time to stop feeling guilty about moving on; go out with friends, watch a movie, hike, or whatever you want.

You know how much you deserve better, and you deserve it now, you deserve to be happy. So take a deep breath, and start living your best life without them.

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