Narcissism 101

Things Narcissists Do Not Care About (YOU)


Initial impressions of a Narcissist, especially those of a Covert Nature, are usually quite good as they can come off as being confident and exciting or charmingly reserved. It is only much later that their selfish tendencies become more apparent. And the people closest to them are the ones who are affected the most by their manipulations and betrayals. Because it is important to the Narcissist that their wants, needs, and feelings must always come first.

Narcissists care a great deal about how others can serve them. They care a lot about what others can give to them. They care about their reputation or image. The things they care about a very self-serving. But aside from the things Narcissists care about today, I want to focus on Introduction to Things Narcissists Do Not Care About some of the things they do not care about as these also can greatly affect the people in their lives. They are very controlling and although they have a desire to own and control people they have no interest in the wants and needs of these people. So, here are four things that narcissists do not care about.

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