Narcissism 101

What Happens When A Narcissist Knows They Hold No Power Against You?


In today’s article, we’ll be covering today all have one thing in common – to what extent do narcissists often resort when their strategies fail? When you have them exactly where you want them to be once they have been revealed completely, what happens when a narcissist loses control of their loved ones?

Number 1: Narcissists have an extreme preoccupation with their feelings and the approval of others, and they have difficulty taking criticism well.

They struggle to empathize and may resort to manipulative behavior as a result. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there and done that – not quite extreme, but probably to a certain point. On the other hand, we see that these traits remain constant in those with pathological narcissism. It’s their state of being. Due to their vengeful nature, it is reasonable for them to fear the consequences when their secret is revealed.

In terms of their behavior, they are generally difficult to predict. However, it’s not hard to predict how a narcissist would act after feeling they’ve lost influence over you if you’ve ever had a platonic connection with one or were raised in a narcissistic family. Because narcissists place such a high value on other people’s praise and approval, this is to be expected.

They have no concept of self-identity and hence have no comprehension of the world. They will resort to bullying, threatening, intimidating, and humiliating people into giving them what they seek – attention and affirmation on their terms, which can be unrealistic. Their minds are always plagued by feelings of envy and shame, and the strangest part is that they often engage in repulsive actions to cover up their feeling and shame.

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