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What Narcissists Never Want You To Find Out?


In today’s article, we’re going to disclose one thing that narcissist fears the most, and they do anything to prevent anyone from ever finding out.
We all know that narcissists always try to put on a show that makes them look invincible as if they can do and know anything. But despite how they look, they’re afraid of a few things, especially one that makes their days feel stressful.

People know that narcissists are vain and only care about themselves. They’re the center of everything we do, or so they think, and it’s because they can’t think otherwise. They often try to show that they’re smart and logical, but in reality, they’re constantly at odds with themselves. And they always have to decide between what’s real and what’s not. They hurt and take advantage of other people because they might be hurt or taken advantage of by others.

Narcissists think that everyone they meet is out to get them, so they feel like they have to act first. They constantly think of the worst but they always appear to be bright and charming just to conceal their inner demons. So, we will talk about how narcissists see you as a reflection of themselves. What makes them think this way? How does it affect the people around them, and how does it relate to the narcissist’s need to be in charge?

As a first step, narcissists often blame others for their own flaws, bad intentions, bad feelings, etc.

In other words, they don’t take responsibility for what they do and instead blame others.
On the other hand, the narcissist believes that everyone around them is out to get them. When they hang out with other people, they come up with plans, cheat, and lie.
Narcissists think that they must always be on guard against a threat that doesn’t exist in reality but is very real to them, and it’s all because of the fear that is a part of who they are.

They fear that other people don’t like them or want to hurt or criticize them. Of course, this can happen to anyone, but for now, we’ll just focus on narcissists because their fear is nothing like ours. It’s enormous.
When you get close enough to a narcissist, you can see how little they care about other people and how little faith they have in people. And they might say something mean or snarky in public, making it seem like a joke, but what they’re really trying to say is how they feel.

Surprisingly, though, most people think they’re indeed joking. Dark humor is one of their ways to be mean or put someone down. They treat everything like a game, and they think everyone else does too. They think that everyone else is just like them: fake, cunning, always looking for ways to take advantage of other people, opportunistic, sneaky, and a liar, even if it’s only in their heads.
So for a narcissist, everything comes down to always being the best, win or lose. That’s all that matters. They must always be ready for anything.

The goal is to get everyone to trust them, even if they don’t trust anyone else. The best player wins this game.

Narcissists treat you like you’re their enemy because they think everyone else is out to get them and is just like them. This is another reason why they see everyone as a competitor. Their fear makes them dislike and mistrust others, which makes the situation worse. They will hate and dislike you more and more as time goes on, especially if you can achieve what they can’t. Because they’re empty on the inside, they can’t understand how anyone else could be truly happy and content.

They can’t live unless other people agree with them. They find it hard to accept that you’re different from everyone else. They find it hard to believe you’re better than them. So, one of the reasons they hurt you is because they want to show you at your worst. They would do anything to make you mad. They would blame you and point the finger at you to make you feel guilty and ashamed.

Because they mess with your thoughts and feelings, you end up feeling confused and sad. In the end, all the narcissist wants to do is show that they are better than you and that you need to listen to them. Because of the abuse, many people who have been hurt by a narcissist have the same fear as the narcissist. They fear that they can’t do things on their own.

Narcissists are very good at making other people take on their bad traits and feelings, especially those who are close to them. A narcissist can make you feel like you’re being sucked into their world and you can’t leave without becoming whatever the narcissist wants you to be. But actually, that’s not our trait. So, if we work hard and love ourselves, we can get through these problems just fine because we’re not what the narcissist thinks we are.

The narcissist wants us to believe what he or she has made up about us. Paranoia and other negative feelings, on the other hand, are always a big part of the narcissist’s personality and part of who they are. The narcissist is always on edge because of his or her fears.

Narcissists don’t want to be seen, so they’re afraid of being judged or made to feel bad. It changes how they see the world and the people in it.

They have fear in every part of their lives, which makes them vibrate at a low frequency. The narcissist is driven by a strong feeling of fear, but that fear goes away when they can control other people and their surroundings. It becomes ego. As long as a narcissist is in charge of your life, they’re less likely to see you as a threat.

In their minds, this game is all about being in charge and being the best. Because of their fear, they can’t see the truth. It also makes them think that the enemy is on the outside when, in fact, the enemy is hiding inside them. So, remember that the narcissist’s greatest fear is you. Take care of yourself and stay cautious around these people.

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