Narcissism 101

What Narcissists Never Want You To Find Out?


In today’s article, we’re going to disclose one thing that narcissist fears the most, and they do anything to prevent anyone from ever finding out.
We all know that narcissists always try to put on a show that makes them look invincible as if they can do and know anything. But despite how they look, they’re afraid of a few things, especially one that makes their days feel stressful.

People know that narcissists are vain and only care about themselves. They’re the center of everything we do, or so they think, and it’s because they can’t think otherwise. They often try to show that they’re smart and logical, but in reality, they’re constantly at odds with themselves. And they always have to decide between what’s real and what’s not. They hurt and take advantage of other people because they might be hurt or taken advantage of by others.

Narcissists think that everyone they meet is out to get them, so they feel like they have to act first. They constantly think of the worst but they always appear to be bright and charming just to conceal their inner demons. So, we will talk about how narcissists see you as a reflection of themselves. What makes them think this way? How does it affect the people around them, and how does it relate to the narcissist’s need to be in charge?

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