Narcissism 101

What Narcissists Never Want You To Find Out?


As a first step, narcissists often blame others for their own flaws, bad intentions, bad feelings, etc.

In other words, they don’t take responsibility for what they do and instead blame others.
On the other hand, narcissist believes that everyone around them is out to get them. When they hang out with other people, they come up with plans, cheat, and lie.
Narcissists think that they must always be on guard against a threat that doesn’t exist in reality but is very real to them, and it’s all because of the fear that is a part of who they are.

They fear that other people don’t like them or want to hurt or criticize them. Of course, this can happen to anyone, but for now, we’ll just focus on narcissists because their fear is nothing like ours. It’s enormous.
When you get close enough to a narcissist, you can see how little they care about other people and how little faith they have in people. And they might say something mean or snarky in public, making it seem like a joke, but what they’re really trying to say is how they feel.

Surprisingly, though, most people think they’re indeed joking. Dark humor is one of their ways to be mean or put someone down. They treat everything like a game, and they think everyone else does too. They think that everyone else is just like them: fake, cunning, always looking for ways to take advantage of other people, opportunistic, sneaky, and a liar, even if it’s only in their heads.
So for a narcissist, everything comes down to always being the best, win or lose. That’s all that matters. They must always be ready for anything.

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