Narcissism 101

When Should You Leave a Narcissist?


The thing about relationships and breakups is not missing the person per se, but missing the comfort and security you had with that person. No matter how you were treated, good or bad, you are used to that and most people want comfort. Most people claim the hardest part about leaving is they feel like they lose themselves. They are not themselves without their narcissistic partner.

Many victims of narcissistic abuse tend to have long-lasting effects of the abuse carried over to new relationships. They will want to please their significant other all of the time, apologize for things that they can’t control, and isolate themselves even if their new partner did not ask them to.

These effects can have negative consequences on new relationships, especially if the new partner is not controlling in nature. Leaving a narcissist can be a hard decision, maybe one of the hardest a person has to make.

We are excited for everyone to read this article today, especially if you have been looking for reasons to leave your narcissistic relationship. These signs will help you feel more confident in your decision. Let’s get started!

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