Narcissism 101

When Should You Leave a Narcissist?


 Number 1: When you realize you’ve lied the whole time.

Realizing your whole relationship has been a lie can be one of the hardest things to fathom. When you sit down and maybe through some introspection, notice how many lies you have been caught in. Maybe an outside party has caught these lies and laid them out on the table for you to see and it made sense to you. Either way, it is a painful time.

You come to realize the entire relationship was based on someone else’s terms and conditions and you just went along with it. You put your name on a dotted line and didn’t realize it. You may also realize the pattern of lies. For example, they get caught saying ugly things about you behind your back, and when you confront them angrily, they talk their way out of it.

Justifying their actions so well, you feel like you asked for the verbal abuse behind your back. You may notice that the narcissist will find a way to turn it back onto you when you catch them being nasty to or about you.

It can be hard to understand that these weren’t little white lies that people tell sometimes, these were thought-out big lies to ensure that the narcissist looked better coming out. The narcissist will lie and lie to your face to make sure that they still look higher on the pedestal. The worst thing about being lied to is when it’s by someone who said they love you. It can be a hard time when all of these pieces come together for you.

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