Narcissism 101

How to Deal With a Narcissistic Mother (Stop Her!)!)

It can be really difficult and challenging to live with a mother who is too self-absorbed and thinks of her children as mere extensions of herself. Having this kind of personality makes her a narcissist. She feels the need to be in control of everything all the time and to enforce unnecessary rules on her children. The children of narcissistic parents feel like they are unimportant and don’t have a voice to express their own opinions. Not the ideal situation. What narcissistic mothers are like?

If you have a narcissistic mother, she may seem a little too self-sacrificing and make it look like she is doing everything for her children and family and neglecting her basic needs and health. She often makes you feel like she is being mistreated and that you need to do more for her than yourself. She always shifts the focus of the conversation back to herself and doesn’t seem to change her behavior for the better. On top of that, narcissistic mothers can be manipulative and may use emotional blackmail to make you do what they want.

Also, they lack empathy and think they are unique and deserve special treatment. These things may seem very minute and small when one isn’t noticing them too much, but in the long run, they can really take their toll. Now that we have talked about what narcissistic mothers are like, we’ll move on to how one can deal with them without causing too much drama (which they love, by the way).

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